Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Stampin' Up! - New Catalogues

Again It's Me!

This is like three posts in one night but some very important news I just posted on Facebook.

The release of two new Stampin' Up! catalogues is less than a month away!!! Woot Woot!!! So all my regular clients will receive a copy free in the mail and those who are Stampin' Up! curious, either about the products (which are beautiful) or hosting your own party to earn free stuff, just send me a message, no obligation consultation available (over wine of course) or just ask me to send you a free brochure!
Some further information on plans for early next year, I am going to separate out the Stampin Up! side of the business with a brand new Website, Blog & Facebook page so stay tuned for links etc to be provided. Kits Kits Kits need I say more (super popular), these will be available in limited numbers every couple of months - and I am on-boarding with a new / old concept of virtual parties - you don't even have to leave the house!!! If you are interested being the host you will get the same free goodies as if you have hosted in the flesh!!! So if you live in Brisvegas and your mum is in WA and your stampin up mates are scattered all over the place we just set a time and date and they all log onto Facebook and we party until the break of dawn (or until I say enough is enough)!!!! If you are keen to do this send me a private message and I will add you to the list and contact you when I am ready to kick off!
(Big Sigh)
Keep Creating!

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