Thursday, 2 November 2017

Paper Piecing - With Stamps!

Hi All!

Just want to do a quick blog post this week and thought I would touch on "paper piecing" using stamps.  Below is a card I made some years back using this type of technique and I love the looks you can achieve with it.  If you google paper piecing my goodness there is no shortage of information, but one thing you will notice is the stamps used have nice clean lines and little or no fine details.  The reason for this is that often the stamps you use for piecing are also used with alcohol markers like copics to colour in, therefore they have nice big areas which you can create depth and shadows.  In my experience these are the best stamps to use, as you can see with my cards I have chosen a mannequin stamp which does have some detail but not too much.  

Paper piecing is super easy just stamp the image on the plain piece of card stock and then again on a patterned card stock of your choice and cut the image on the outside of the line - this is the most important. If you cut inside the line it's just not going to look as finished.  Stick your patterned pieces over the images on your plain card stock and wallah!!! You are done!

That's all from me - I need to pack for my retreat on the weekend!!! EEEK - going to create one of Jane Tregenza's lovely books at Brookfield, and I can't wait I have been looking forward to this for months.  Will keep you updated on facebook of what we are making!

Keep Creating!

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