Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Mixed Media! What's All the Fuss About!

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Where does the time go, I make a promise every month that I will do at least a couple of blog posts a month and then when I look at the calendar again a whole month has gone by!!! First world problems I know!  Anyway today I want to talk about the phenomenon that is "mixed media" and how it seems to have taken the papercrafting industry by storm over the past couple of years.

Firstly let me just say that I don't identify as a mixed media artist nor will I ever be! Mixed media is defined broadly as the use of various materials to create visual art as opposed to the use of one medium like only using oil paints for painting or stone for sculpture.  Keeping this in mind and applying this to a simple handmade card if you use distress ink and sprays effectively you have created a mixed media card!

At the moment in every facet of the papercrafting world, mixed media are buzz words, everyone who is anyone is doing mixed media and have been for the last few years.  But let's really sit back and think about what's new in the industry?  Looking at the recent pics and video's from CHA except for a few items there is not really much that is new more like new take on old products.  So is it really fair of us to keep pushing the teachers in this industry to come up with new stuff all the time? Yeah probably not.  

So I just ask you to give teachers that don't do mixed media a chance - don't write them off entirely as you never know what you can learn from someone.

When I write these posts I do like to include a picture related to the topic I am harping on about so I have including a little mixed media canvas I did for Imaginarium Designs last year.  Mixed media only because I used Colour Blast Shimmer Cubes and Mica Powders on the one project.

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