Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My First Ever Blog & Cool Project to Share

So the layout of the blog has been done for some time now, yet I have been procrastinating about what the hell I should blog about!  This made me go back to the very heart of why I wanted to do this and why it has taken me so long to embrace the world of "on-line anything & everything". Basically I want to share with you (whoever you may be) my creations, and not because they are anything mind blowing but if I don't share them with someone they will sit in my studio and the only person who will ever see them is myself and my lucky bamboo!!

So not to drag on too much I thought I would share a project I finished in January which had been floating around in my head for a long time and which took me just as long to gather up all the little trinkets I needed to complete it. First the finished product and then I will tell you a bit about it.

It is a Twiddleybitz ATC Hinged Cupboard made from MDF and spray painted black - things start to get a bit gruesome once you open the door, cue the deep blood curdling scream!!!!! Just kidding!!

I have lined the back, top and bottom inside with Graphic 45, Steampunk Spells, in the little glass jars is a heart, mustache and micro beads not to forget one of Tim Holtz's wishbones. Inside still and I have used a cotton wool bud to give the effect of cobwebs in the top left corner and hanging on the side you will see a hacksaw coated in blood (red micro beads). Also hanging from the roof is a Tim Holtz lantern which my lovely husband modified for me so I could stick it flush to the roof, and the part I really love is that I was able to run the lead to the battery pack out the side and hide it under what looks like old metal water pipes. So the light actually does work - very cool. On the outside you have a cows skull on the door and a black rose and spiders web on the side.  The green moss effect was created with some stuff I purchased from a wedding planner - seriously - I think it is used for centerpieces or something, prior to adding the moss I used some Inca Gold and lightly brushed it all over. On the back is an awesome skeleton cameo which just sets the whole thing off perfectly. The thing I am most proud of about this project is that it is totally mine, not inspired by anyone else or something I saw in a magazine (if you have seen something similar it is totally a coincidence).

I have lots of photos so if you would like to see more click on the gallery tab.

Stay tuned for those of you not able to get to the Stitches & Craft show this weekend in Brisbane I will do a bit of a rundown for you over the weekend to keep you up to date on whats new and anything that impresses me.

So maybe, just maybe you might also like to come to one of my classes and create some awesomeness out of paper! Then keep reading, my class schedule will be live from this weekend - if you are interested in attending please email (the little purple button on the right) to reserve your spot with subject line "Class Reservation" and I will send you back all the required information and payment details.  Samples of the classes should go up in the next couple of weeks. I will be running card classes and off-the-page projects.

Thanks for reading and stop by again soon.


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