Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Cards for Sale - eBay

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Okay so you know, you have those friends that want to buy cards from you but you are flat out keeping your own stash up to date!! Well worry no more I have restocked my eBay store so now you can refer them to me for some lovely cards at really competitive prices.

During my hiatus I was able to sort through the 250 or so cards I have and decide to part with some. I have three price categories my larger cards are $5, the normal size are $3 and I also have a $1 range. Postage is only $2.45 up to 500g & 2cm thick (about 3 of the normal & smaller size cards and 2 of the larger ones). So buy a few and save on postage and they will be cheaper than at the newsagents and you will be supporting local business. Couple pictures attached of my current stock.
eBay. Search "handmade cards" within 2km of 4078 and they should pop up. Working on getting the store back up which will make it easier.

Keep Creating!

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