Monday, 31 July 2017

It's All Chipboard

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to share the link for my first ever batch of cards for Imaginarium Designs a great Australian based chipboard company.

Who struggles with confidence to create??? Tick??? Who always compares their own finished product with others??? I used to, BUT I am learning that really really deep down somewhere that I make things to because I love it and for no other reason.  When I'm at retreats or talking shop with people I hear a lot of "but what would you use it for" and I am often compelled to respond by saying probably nothing but making it took me to another place that unless you create "things" you will not understand.  Come on! You know what I'm talking about - that place where there is nothing in your head literally you are thinking about nothing besides the next ribbon or stamp or bow that you want to attach.  Creating is a zen!  Enjoy.

P.S Stay tuned - Custom card orders are coming!!!!

Keep Creating!

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